Neo Burlesque

Dashboard Hula
A dashboard hula doll comes to life and tries to keep up with an ever-changing car radio.

Motherf*cking Whore
Narrative/theatrical burlesque with heavy belly dance influences. 


O de Toilette
A mysterious gift sends a high-society woman into an ecstatic state. 

Inspired by studying flamenco in southern Spain, this fiery feather fan is not for the faint-hearted.

Classic Burlesque

Minnie the Moocher
Classic burlesque, audience participation encouraged. 

Rhapsody in Purple
Opulent classic burlesque in a sea of purple. 

A classic feather fan dance to an Artie Shaw favorite. 

Live band burlesque with Grit and The Double-Knit at Burlesco! Chicago. 


Voodoo Vaudeville
A voodoo doll meets the victim of voodoo magic. Performed with Lady Jack. 

"The Modern Bachelorette Party": A 1950s PSA
Featuring Chicago comic Adam Burke, this 1950s-style PSA instructs Susie, the video's protagonist, how to navigate the tricky terrain of the modern-day bachelorette party. But after a few shots, everything starts to go south. 

Panty Adagio
Two clowns can't get help but get naughty once they get in front of a crowd. Performed with Lady Jack and choreographed by 2013 International King of Burlesque Ray Gunn.