An Open Letter to Performers:

When I produce, I truly don't want to be a helicopter parent.

I don't want to have to put a restriction on how many drinks you can indulge in before a show, because I want to just hire performers who can pace themselves and drink responsibly. 

I don't want to have to put a cap on the drink ticket dollar amount, because I want to hire performers that don't take advantage of the venue's hospitality by trying to get a custom craft cocktail with multiple additional shots of a pricey liquor.

I don't want to have to tell you that you need to dress nicely for your set, or that you shouldn't change something large about your act/costume without letting me know, or that you can't bring a ton of friends in for free.

I don't want to have to expressly tell you that your friends can't be backstage with you, because I trust that you know that the backstage area needs to be a safe, secure place for performers who are in a state of extreme vulnerability and nudity. And I expect your support if your friend is having trouble understanding why being backstage is inappropriate. 

I want to treat all of my performers, their friends, and the audience members well and with respect, but respect is something that is earned. And if the producer of the show politely tells you to refrain from something, it is not an invitation for discussion, negotiation, derision, or disrespect.

Performers, your actions have repercussions. The decisions you make affect the show as a whole - not just the flow of the night, but the restrictions that may have to be implemented moving forward as a direct result of specific actions. The actions you take directly correlate with the stress level of the individuals running the show, who are doing everything possible to ensure your experience is the best it can be so you can deliver your best work. 

Producers really, really prefer to be the Cool Parent and just let you be fabulous without any restrictions or limitations. 


A Reluctant Helicopter Producer

PS: Just so there's no guilt by association - Ray Ray Sunshine, who is also featured in the top image by Greg Inda, is an example of a GREAT performer to work with!