Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the art of the tease, a seasoned performer looking for act refinement/development, or a bachelorette party looking for a memorable experience, Eva caters to all skill levels and provides comprehensive instruction based on students’ goals.

Chicago Classes

Eva teaches weekly classes on Wednesday evenings at Arabesque Dance Studio in Northwest Chicago. Class topics change every session.
Visit the Arabesque website for a complete description of this session’s class focus.

Shimmy N’ Shakers

The Shimmy N’ Shakers are an all-level, all-inclusive student performance troupe lead by Eva la Feva.
Choreographies are characterized by individual character development and a strong narrative focus.

A striptease parody of a 1980s aerobics video

I’m Shakin’
A zombie outbreak hits a dance squad mid-routine

Crazy in Love
A 1920s-inspired modern flapper act



Eva offers a variety of movement and non-movement workshops in addition to classes and one-on-one coaching.
See Eva’s workshop menu for more information.