Movement Workshops

Burlesque Basics Breakdown
A crash course/drills class focusing on some of the core movements found in burlesque, including full body undulations, controlled chest shimmies, hip articulations (bumps and grinds), spins and across-the-floor dance basics. In addition, students will learn skills that can be applied outside of burlesque, like tricks for walking confidently in heels, to manipulate the lines of your body to look better in pictures, and postural advice so you carry yourself throughout your life with poise and confidence.
An optional choreography component that incorporates the content presented in class can be added to the workshop.
Great option for bachelorette parties or groups with limited movement experience.

DURATION: 1-2 hours
BRING: Heels (preferably with ankle support)

Bellyesque: Modifying Belly Dance Technique for a Burlesque Practice
In this workshop, we will take a muscular-based approach to studying key belly dance movements so you can utilize the technique in your burlesque practice. Special emphasis will be placed on isolated chest shimmies, full-body undulations ("body waves"), hip circles, pelvic locks, a variety of hip shimmies, and snaking arm technique. Through this modern approach to belly dance, we will break down the science behind what makes a dancer appear controlled, sensual, and powerful. 
In addition, we will discuss belly dance history and it's relationship to burlesque. Before you leave class, you will understand how these art forms are different (but share a similar movement vocabulary) and how to present this movement in a way that is not disrespectful or an appropriation of another culture. 

DURATION: 1-2 hours
BRING: Yoga mat (no shoes needed, but dancers can bring heels if they'd like the challenge). 

Act Development Courses
Want to create a burlesque/belly dance act of your very own? In this workshop, Eva will work with each student to develop their own burlesque/belly dance act to a song of the student's choosing. In this class, students will be given tools to learn how to approach creating choreographies, including dissecting song structure, focusing on communicating a cohesive story/theme, sourcing costuming elements, and presentational elements. Students should come to class with a song in mind to use and any costuming elements/props they're interested in incorporating into their act.

DURATION: 2-4 hours
BRING: A notebook, song/concept ideas, and an open mind.

Choreography/Prop Focused Workshops
Dig deeper into a particular burlesque prop or learn a choreography with a focus on a particular skill.
Workshop sub-topics include floor work, chair dancing, boas, gloves, feather/hand fans and can be catered to all skill levels and abilities.
DURATION: 1-2 Hours
BRING: Props related to the workshop sub focus.

Non-Movement Workshops

Producer’s Toolbox
The key to being a good producer is to learn how to be a jack of all trades - by managing your own sound editing, design, and marketing, you can build up your business and brand while still holding onto your dough. 
In this workshop, you'll learn practical tools to help you start running your own productions. In this course, you will get a crash course in designing marketing materials in Photoshop (utilizing free trial software found online), Audacity (free music editing software), and discuss best online marketing practices (social media marketing strategies, ways to organically optimize your web presence, and tips for connecting with new audiences when you advertise). In addition, we'll be discussing best practices when it comes to running/managing a specific event. 
Whether it's how to communicate with clients or what information should appear in your contracts, this workshop will provide the tools you need to be radically self-reliant in your business model. 

DURATION: At least 30-45 minutes allocated per topic
Computer, notebook, internet access on-site

Crowning Achievement: Getting A-Head(dress)
Headdresses are an incredible costuming item that can seem impossible to manufacture yourself. However, with some simple tips and tricks for sourcing headdress bases and advice for construction/decoration, you can be well on your way to creating eye-catching and affordable ways to get your head in the headdress game.
DURATION: 1 hour, lecture-style.
BRING: Notebook and any headpieces you’re working on (optional)

Stage Makeup Courses
You may have mastered your "every day" face, but painting your face for performance is a whole different animal! Amp up your stage makeup game and learn about highlighting, contouring, creating illusions to highlight your best features, eyelash application advice, and more. If you don't have makeup, you can still observe the class.
DURATION: 1-2 hours
BRING: Makeup, makeup brushes, and makeup remover/wipes to practice your looks (optional)

Vintage Hair Styling Tutorials

Love victory rolls, pin curls, or just want to look for new and interesting ways to style your hair/wigs? In this one-hour workshop, we'll cover some fundamental vintage hair concepts and give some cheats for how to replicate complicated concepts in a simpler way. If you don't have hair care products, you can observe the class without replicating the styles on yourself.
DURATION: 1-2 hours
BRING: Brushes, combs, bobby pins, any styling products you tend to use (hair spray, volumizing spray, etc).

Safe (Head)Space: Psychological Prep for Burlesque/Performance
Burlesque dancers often focus on prepping their body for dance/performance, but the brain-body connection is just as important when approaching this vulnerable (although empowering) art form. In this workshop, we will discuss the mental/psychological preparation that can assist in allowing you to feel comfortable and confident onstage. We will discuss meditation, productive visualization/physical exercises, body language, and tactics for working through the often complex emotions that arise when presenting such personal artwork.
DURATION: 1-2 hours
BRING: A notebook and a willingness to explore personal expression in a group setting.