Neo Burlesque

Dashboard Hula
A dashboard hula doll comes to life and begins dancing to an ever-changing radio station. 


A snake sheds its skin in this neo-burlesque act. 

Whipped Cream
Sometimes silly, sometimes dirty, always sweet - this theatrical burlesque number centers around everyone's favorite dessert topping. 

"O" de Toilette
A mysterious gift sends a high-society woman into an ecstatic state. 

Influenced by her time living in Southern Spain, this flamenco-based fiery fan dance is not for the faint-hearted. 

Classic Burlesque

Minnie the Moocher
Classic burlesque, audience participation encouraged. 

Rhapsody in Purple
Opulent classic burlesque in a sea of purple. 

A classic feather fan dance to an Artie Shaw favorite. 

Live band burlesque with Grit and The Double-Knit at Burlesco! Chicago. 


Voodoo Vaudeville
A voodoo doll meets the victim of voodoo magic. Performed with Lady Jack. 


The Modern Bachelorette Party: A 1950s PSA
Written by Adam Burke and Eva la Feva (and voiceover work by Mark Lancaster), this 1950s PSA tries to educate Susie on the modern bachelorette party, but after a few shots Susie is less inclined to follow instructions. 

Panty Adagio
Two clowns can't get help but get naughty once they get in front of a crowd. Performed with Lady Jack and choreographed by 2013 International King of Burlesque Ray Gunn. 

Fringe Factor Demo Reel 2015
Directed by Lady Jack and also featuring Tila von Twirl, Po' Chop and Jeez Loueez, Fringe Factor offers a diverse menu of vintage, neo, and pop pieces for your next event.