Grab your giggle water and step into the Singeasy, a scripted show featuring Film Noir-style narration and character-driven burlesque and variety performances. With live scoring from an expanded version of Brooklyn Britches and The Whispers, this dramatized interactive burlesque experience feels like stepping into a black and white movie about Miss Brooklyn B's fabled Singeasy. 

. Performances curated by Eva la Feva/Feva Pitch Productions and Brooklyn Britches/Brooklyn B Productions. Photos from the "Burning City Singeasy," as recently featured in the Burning City Neo Vintage Festival. 

Meet the Artists

Show Structure

Band: 4-5 performers (Vocalist, upright bass, guitar, and piano typically). In addition to playing music for the acts, the band also "scores" the show, providing backup music during transitions for a more seamless show flow. 
Performers: 10 burlesque/variety performances occurring both onstage and throughout the audience
(7 performers total  - 2 "headliners" performing 2 acts in the show, 4 featured performers that perform one act each, plus a stage assistant) 

Format: The band plays two sets (roughly 45 minutes) with 5 burlesque/variety performances per set and a short intermission in between sets. THe show features a Film Noir-style narrator establishing characters/motivations for each performer, Performances include burlesque, acro acts, belly dancers, contortionists, and backup vocal support from cast members for a more interactive musical experience.

Drink Menu

Special event add ons to heighten the experience include drink pairing support by Fratelli Branca Distillerie. 
Crafted by mixologist Lindsay Betland, this specialty cocktail menu expertly matches the mood, act and energy of the featured entertainers.